Antimicrobial Inorganic Powders (ZAG)

Metal doped biocompatible antimicrobial inorganic powder is a product produced using wet chemical methods. Metal cations in the product (Ag, Zn, etc.) by interacting with the bacteria in the environment they enter the electrostatic inactivate the enzymes of bacteria and bacteria are killed in a short time. The antimicrobial effect is not only provided by the release of the cation of the released metal, but also by the metal cations contained in the product. The carrier material used is biocompatible and the release rate of the metal cations does not exceed the ppm level, thus ensuring the long-term antimicrobial effect of the product without harming environment and human health.


Product Features

  • The product has bio-compatible antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Its effect can be continued for many years.
  • Since the product is biocompatible, it does not cause any problems in contact with the skin.
  • Chemical and thermal stability of the product is very high and can be used in thermal applications up to 1300 degrees. So far, it has been determined that bacteria cannot develop resistance on metal cation (Ag) products.


Safety Information

Ag and Zn cations, which have a high content of calcium and contain antimicrobial properties, do not cause health and environmental problems in solid and liquid conditions. It is not dissolved in the solid and is at the ppm level in the liquid.


Technical Data

PropertyPAG C-0085ZAG-1455
Composition (%)Ca (PO4)/Ag≥99CaMx (PO4)/Ag≥99
Silver (%)≥ 8.0≥ 6.0
Particle size (nm)200nm≥200nm≥
Relative density (g/cm3)2.5 g/cm32.5 g/cm3
Surface area (m2/g)≥10≥10
Withstanding temperature (oC)13001300
Applicable pH Value1-101-10
Recommended application pH value4-84-8
Microbial activity≥ 99.99≥ 99.99